Don Bosco Technical and Youth Centre is an institute registered with the Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) under section 6 of the Punjab Private Education institute (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984 and Rule 3 (xxvii) of the TEVTA, and affiliated with the Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) Lahore under Registration Number 2615.

Don Bosco Technical and Youth Centre is currently offering 1-years and short technical courses.

1-years technical courses Known as Welding, Electrician, DIT, Plumbing, RAC and Carpentry and short technical courses are known as beautician, dress making, computer, spoken English and hair dresser.

In this technology pervasive environment, the attainment of technical education is becoming a much sought after goal of the youth of the nation. I am positive that for the technical education Don Bosco Technical and Youth Centre is the most preferred destination for the best students, teachers, researchers and scholars. Our motto: ‘To enhance the global competitiveness in Pakistan through a quality and productive workforce by developing and demand driven, standardized and dynamic technical education system’ since its establishment in 1999, the DBTC has always been at the forefront of innovations and has played an active part in shaping the modern day technical education.

A human society is known by its moral values, social dignity and a promising vibrancy among its youth. Verily it is the ‘Education’ which propagates sanity and vision across the canvas of a society and regulates its indicators optimally. However in the present-day world, the rapid flow of information and an ever-growing hunger for career development has prompted a fierce competition for technical education in particular. Yet it is only the quality college committed to deliver outcome-based education which sustain and stay in the arena. Only they can attract the students and can shape their life profiles. Thanks God Don Bosco Technical and Youth Centre lies in such a valued contingent of institutes in Pakistan.

We promote active learning and effective practices in teaching. Our faculty is dynamic and competent, structures are lofty and impressive, and norms are stable and cherishing. We have well-equipped laboratories and workshops, a precious play ground, spacious classrooms.

DBTC is organized and disciplined, and we strive to deliver excellence in education providing the students a secure and fostering environment.

I urge upon my students in general and the new comers in particular to take full advantage of the wide range of facilities available at the institute, get exposed themselves to new ideas and skills and always keep going for lucrative hands-on experience. They should also get engaged in cultural and sports activities and remain connected with the global environment and its developments DBTC has been launched for the future of Pakistan. Come and join us in bringing about a positive change in the lives of our youth.

If you choose to study at the DBTC you will be joining one of the most forward looking institutions. We are committed to our distinguished reputation as a world class seat of learning for deserving and needy youth in Pakistan. Your right choice will place you in good stead for the acquisition of advanced technical education and your job prospects after studying Don Bosco Technical and Youth Centre


With Best Wishes 

 Technical Director