Heating and Ventilated Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

HVACR technology continues to become more and more important with each technological development. Highly efficient and environmentally Sustainable our factories, offices and homes.

These system creates the demand of well-trained technicians who can survive, maintain install and retrofit complex equipments.

Graduates of Don Bosco Technical Centres HVACR Technology 1 year Course program are qualified to repair Air Conditioning equipment, Refrigerators Gas refilling and proper Servicing techniques.

Earning after Completing our 1 year course, gives an additional competitive edge, particularly if you are interested in growing into supervisory positions in any firm.

This is highly recommendation from the institute to join our program of HVACR to fulfill our daily needs and to save our beloved “Pakistan” and nation too.



The use of air conditioners, refrigerators and automobile air conditions has tremendously increased over the last few year with a variety of new products. This resulted in the rapid growth of refrigeration and air conditioning industry as well as consumer market, which created a gap for skilled workers in his trade. DBTC has therefore introduced “Refrigeration & Air Conditioning” trade to enable the deserving people of the poor section of society through skill training to earn their livelihoods.


To prepare and train students to become “Refrigeration & Air Conditioning” machine to earn their living.

Skill Requirements

After the completion of this course, the pass out will be able to perform the following tasks. 

  1. Routine maintenance and seasonal servicing of refrigeration & Air- Conditioners.
  2. Leak detection in Air conditioners & Refrigerators.
  3. Remove, check repair, replace and service of the condensers & Evaporators.
  4. Scrutinize the electric circuit of refrigerators and air conditioners.
  5. Connecting two pieces of soft copper tubes of the same diameter without use of fitting             ( swaging operation).
  6. Making the leak proof connections by sliver brazing of sliver soldering.
  7. Measure, bend, pinch off swaging, faring copper tubes.
  8. Use of welding torch.
  9. Troubleshooting and circuit tracing.
  10. Beach work and hand tool operation and electric welding.
  11. Proper selection, use and safety measures of tools and equipment for the repair and maintenance of Refrigerator and Air-Conditioner.
  12. Evacuation and charging with refrigerant of the domestic refrigerator and air conditioner.

Knowledge Requirements  

After the completion of this course, the trainee would have the knowledge of:

  1. The specification and selection of tools used in R & AC.
  2. Gas laws and their applications in R & AC.
  3. Properties of different types of refrigerants.
  4. Safety precautions to avoid any accident at shop floor.
  5. Basic principles of electricity, use of electric meters and equipment.
  6. Interpreting the electric circuit.
  7. Functioning of major parts of R & AC.
  8. Functioning of allied parts of R & AC.


The pass out of this course would be able to:

Work in a manufacturing industry of refrigerators and air conditions.

Work as an operator in centrally air conditioned buildings.

Work in a repairing shops of R & AC.

Self employment by setting by Setting up his own R & AC repair shop.