Don Bosco Technical and youth center Lahore is running a hostel for the poor youth of Pakistan. In the premises of hostel we allow Christian boys from faraway places of Pakistan to stay and reside while learning Technical skills or having formal education in Don Bosco high School. In the hostel they follow the regular schedule after finishing their classes in the Technical trades and in the school.  In the hostel,  boys wake up early morning around 6 o’ clock.  After  wash up they have a little time for personal prayers, followed by breakfast and morning chores and then go for their classes. Boys are being followed up by nine assistants in the hostel after their classes. These assistants are also our teachers in Technical School and in the Don Bosco high school. The assistants have close contacts with the hostel boys and try their best to be present with them in all the activities. Finally  boys and assistants  regularly have contact with the Salesian who is over all in charge of the well being of the boys and assistants.  Salesian in Charge  together with assistants follow up the holistic growth of boys. We are almost taking care of  150 boys in the hostel whereby we taught them Salesian values, preventive system of St. John Bosco ,religious values and social values  in order to become good and honest citizen of Pakistan. Over all together with our lay collaborators, we are sowing the seed of Salesian family spirit and of the Salesian culture.