Electricity has become the necessity of the day Modern World runs over electricity. In all fields of life, such as houses, industries, office even a small device runs over electricity without electricity life would become dull. Electrician is a special man force who maintain the flow of electricity. Although it is a heavy job but with training, a common person can earn his living.

Don Bosco technical youth centre provides trained electricians to serve the society stepping down in different departs. We train the students to become skillful in industrial wiring, such as working with 3 phase, single phase, star delta circuit, reverse forward circuit. automatic star delta circuit and automatic reverse forward circuit. In house wiring, we train our trainees for maintaining all the electricity work in house which includes dealing with all kinds of electrical appliances.

We have trained more than 14 batches our previous pupils with efficient training are working abroad in Canada, Dubai, England , UAE, some are electrical instructors. Our aluminizes are working in big multi-national companies and hotels like Descon, Zor Engineering, pearl continual. Currently some are working at New International Airport in Islamabad, Pakistan. We are looking forward to bring the to surface more efficient and talented electricians to meet the need of the technical era.

HOD Electrician.

The industrial growth has created a demand for skill manpower specially in the trade of industrial Electrician, because every industry is heavily dependent upon electrical power and subsequently on skilled industrial electricians. DBTC has therefore introduced “Industrial Electrician” trade to enable the poor section of the society to acquire appropriate skills to earn their living in field.




To prepare and train a person to become industrial electrician to earn a respectable living.





At the completing of the course, the pass out will be able to perform the following tasks.


  1. Connections of motors & switches.
  2. Star & delta connections of motors.
  3. Cable selection & installation.
  4. Industrial/ House/ Panel wiring with different kinds of circuits.
  5. Use of electrical measuring instruments
  6. Installation of volt, ampere, energy & watt meters and distribution boards.
  7. Installation & Checking of earthling.
  8. Checking and Installation of transistors, rectifiers, I.Cs and relays.
  9. Fault finding in motors, Generators and their remedies.
  10. Earthing of Motors, Generators and transformers.
  11. Installation and checking of protective devices.
  12. Connections of different types of starters with motors.
  13. Connections of step up/down transformers.
  14. Use of storage batteries , it’s connections, charging and maintenance.
  15. Use of electrical test equipments and tools.
  16. Establishments and maintenance of electrician workshop.



After the completion of this course, the pass outs would have the knowledge of following:


  1. Mathematical and technical calculations.
  2. Safety measures.
  3. First aid for electric shock.
  4. Color coding of resistors.
  5. Basic electronics.
  6. Power generation and power faction.
  7. Calculation of electrical tariff.
  8. international wiring standards / specifications.



The pass outs of this course would be able to;


  1. Work with small & big industrial units including mobile towers.
  2. Work in CNG stations.
  3. Work with industrial contractors.
  4. Govt. electrical department like WAPDA, Telecom etc.
  5. Shopping malls and commercial residential plazas.
  6. Overseas employment.
  7. Work as assistant in an elect shop.
  8. Be self employed by having his own electric shop.