What is carpentry?

There are many skill. People choose their skill according to their necessity and desire so that they can earn money and fulfill their needs. Carpentry is a skill in which we use wood to make different building material. Carpentry is very famous all over the world.

Don Bosco is providing skill of carpentry along with other trades. The students who are fond of learning this skill, adopt this profession after learning this skill and lead a successful life.

Course Routine at Don Bosco:

Students are welcomed to Don Bosco and they become aware of the rules and regulation after orientation duration of the course is 1 year and duration of daily classes 6 hours.

1st week:

In this week we tell students about carpentry workshop, rules of working in the workshop and the most important about safety measures.

1st Three Months :

first three months are very important for the students. In These months they learn how to join the pieces of wood and kinds of joints. To join pieces of wood is the basic of carpentry. They also learn about the use if manual tools.

Next Three Months :

During these months students learn about the use of machines for woodwork. They also learn about how to make furniture like Cupboards, Showcase, Dressing table and Beds etc.

Next Three Months :

In these months students are enable to estimate the quantity of material and expenses of the thing to be made. They also learn how to polish the furniture.

Next Two Months :

In This months after learning students go to different shop and factories to do field work. This process is called OJT ( on job training ). Revision will be done after OJT students learn about customer dealing.


After finishing the course:

  1. Student will be able to get a job in a factory with the help of his diploma.
  2. Student is able to run his own workshop.
  3. Student can do job abroad.
  4. Student is able to so job the timber market as he could recognize different types of wood.

Our Alumni’s  :

Many of our alumni’s are work in different companies of Pakistan e.g

Kalamkar, Interwood, Workman, Zor, FC College, American School etc.

Many of the students have their own workshops and showrooms. Beside some are working abroad like UK, Dubai and USA.

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