Fr. Emmanuel ASI Theologian ( Founding member of Maktaba-e- Anaveem Pakistan( Theological Institute for Laity)

December 18, 2016

Guarantee of Bright Future.

                We are grateful to almighty God who sent in the history of mankind a person like Saint John Bosco ( 1815 -1888). We praise God for his servant who is Teacher, Father and Apostle of youth. I bless the name of God for the Salesian presence of all over the world and particularly in Pakistan, for their spirituality and for their apostleship.  I am also grateful to the great missionaries who started the missionary work in Pakistan and now the leadership is being handed over to the locals.  I feel proud because I know them very closely. I sent many young people from my parish , from my village Joraian and from my relatives to their Technical Institution to learn the trade and find formation in their faith.

The youth of today needs the attention of human population. Their future is a  guarantee of bright future of humanity.  The biggest problem of Pakistan is illiteracy and of boys not to continue their education.  At ecclesiastical level throughout the country, the Salesians religious have found the solution of this problem through their service. I pray for the progress of Salesian mission of all over the world and particularly for our country Pakistan. And may thousands of young people find hope of bright future and effective Christian life through them.

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