Welcome to Welding department at Don Bosco Technical Center Lahore Pakistan

Our goal for undergraduate students is to give them a high quality industrial welding training guided by American Welding Society (AWS). Education that includes hands or experience. Each of our faculty member is ready and willing to work in their research specialty with capable student or individual projects (Jobs).After completing the training period of 12 months, there one numerous opportunities for our student to practice on Job training and then to real work sites.

we strive to ensure that our undergraduates students have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and the practical background of Co-Op and internship


Thanks and ” God Bless Pakistan”


Owing to rapid increase use of iron and steel in construction as wall other industries the demand of skilled worked in “Welder/ Fabrication” is increasing day by day. therefore “Welder/ Fabrication”  Course has been in VTIs cope with the unmet demand of skilled manpower.


To Prepare and train a person become a welder / fabricator to earn a respectable living.

Skill requirements

After the completion of this course, the pass-out will be able to perform the following tasks.

  1. Identification of various metals and their properties.
  2. Use of different tools and equipment, in fabrication of steel items.
  3. Bench work, including cutting, sawing, filling and hand polishing etc.
  4. Handing of oxygen & acetylene gas cylinders.
  5. Welding with oxy- acetylene gas.
  6. Use of high pressure & low pressure oxy-acetylene welding system.
  7. Use of pressure regulator and other equipment of welding plant.
  8. Set up a gas welding plant after connecting it’s all different parts.
  9. Use of different welding techniques .
  10. Gas welding of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

11           Steel cutting with oxy-acetylene gas welding and safety precaution in the process.

  1. Preparation of neutral, redacting & oxidizing flame.
  2. Process of arc welding and safety during the process.
  3. Process of arc welding and safety during the process.
  4. Arc Welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  5. Welding different parts of metal though different types of welding joints.
  6. Cutting of Iron sheets & strips etc, for iron gates, grills & windows etc.
  7. Inspection and identification of welding faults and their remedies.
  8. Tig and Mig welding.

Knowledge Requirements

After the completion of this course, the pass outs will have the knowledge of the following:

  1. Basic mathematical Calculation and electricity.
  2. Metals and their general mechanical & physical properties.
  3. Working principle of welding transformer.
  4. Accessories of arc and gas welding.
  5. Movements of electrode during arc welding.
  6. Arc welding current.
  7. Straight and reverse polarity.
  8. Kinds and use of different electric arcs.
  9. Specifications and selection of tools used in fabrication.
  10. Types of electrodes.
  11. Functions of flux electrode coating.
  12. Selection of welding current.
  13. Inspection and different tests, after welding.
  14. Basic knowledge of geometry.
  15. Designing of iron crafts.
  16. procedure of G.T.A.W and S.M.A.W.
  17. types of Tig and Mig material welding.

Employ ability.

The pass outs of this course would be able to:

  1. Work in workshop of a fabricator.
  2. Work as a welder in welding shop.
  3. Work in some factory/industry as welder.
  4. Work in some fabrication/welding shop.
  5. Government sectors. 


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